How do we use your personal data?

When you use our websites

We use information about our website visitors and their visits to learn more about what our customers like and dislike and to target our direct marketing and advertising. See the profiling section for more details and the <a href="> cookie policy of the website you are visiting for more details.

When we need to verify your age

We are required by law to ensure we do not sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 so we carry out age checks whenever they are necessary. We log some age verification checks anonymously so that we can check and prove that they are being carried out in accordance with the licensing rules which apply to the venue you are visiting.

The Challenge 21 and Challenge 25  schemes seek to discourage underage drinking by encouraging hospitality businesses to ask anyone lucky enough to look like they are under 21 (or 25) for proof of their age before they are served. If you’re one of the lucky ones, please don’t be offended if we ask you for proof of your age. A photo-card driving license, passport or military ID are valid proof of age for both schemes: if you don’t have these documents, please check the relevant Challenge scheme website to see what else we can accept.

When we need to verify or record information about your identity

The UK government has asked pubs, hotels and restaurants to register information about their visitors during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the identity information you provide when making a booking or registering your visit, together with the date, time and name of the venue you are visiting, will be recorded for this purpose.

If NHS Test and Trace or NHS Scotland Test and Protect request information from us about our visitors, we will share the information they require, to help them to identify people who are at risk of infection. Personal information collected via our SMS-based guest visit registration scheme will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any other organisation.

Occasionally, a licensing authority may require the licensed premises in their area to verify or record information about their visitors, in particular information about their identity. If we are required to carry out such activities during your visit, further information will be provided at the venue.

When you book a room, table or function

We will ask for your name, gender, address, telephone number and email address. We use this information to make and confirm your booking. If you book online, we will also record your IP address. We use this information to check that the booking is genuine.

If you’re making a booking on behalf of a work colleague, we will ask for information about your organisation and the guest, so that we can invoice and bill the correct party.

If you tell us about dietary preferences, allergies, food intolerances or special access needs, we will use this information to help us look after you during your visit or stay with us.

If you provide us with information about birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations that you want to commemorate during your visit, we will use this information to help make your celebration as special as possible. If you give us permission to do so, we will use this information to send you a reminder to book again when your next birthday or anniversary is almost due. You can stop these reminders at any time by contacting our guest relations team.

We also use booking information to learn more about what our customers like and dislike, work out what changes we can make to improve our business and target our direct marketing. See the profiling section for more details.

When you make a payment or request a refund

We will use the information you provide to process your payment or refund. We do not keep records of payment card details, however please be aware that some booking agents transmit payment card details by fax to whichever hotel their users have booked. If a booking agent sends us your payment card details, we will store the information securely until payment has been made, which is normally at the end of your stay.

When you use our Wi-Fi service

We will use the information you provide to register you for and connect you to the service. When you first register, and each time that you connect to the service, we obtain additional information from your device and from the equipment used to provide the Wi-Fi service. This information describes where, when and how you registered or connected. We use this information to provide and maintain your connection to the service.

Please take these steps to prevent information sharing when you are not actively using the service:

    • Don't select the ‘connect automatically’ option if you want to avoid connecting and sharing information automatically whenever you are in range of our or another Sky partner's Wi-Fi service
    • If you chose to automatically connect to the service but have since changed your mind, either delete then recreate the Wi-Fi connection, or turn off Wi-Fi on your device whilst you are not using it
    • Check you have not saved your Greene King Wi-Fi connection settings before you let anyone else use your device

When you sign up for direct marketing

If you permit us to do so, we will use the information you provide to select and send you messages containing special offers, discounts, promotions or any other type of information you have requested.

Every marketing message we send includes an unsubscribe link or similar opt-out mechanism. Greene King Wi-Fi users can change their marketing preferences on the Wi-Fi app's Account Settings page at any time.

When we send you direct marketing

If you have signed up for direct marketing, depending on how we are communicating with you, we may use your name, home address, telephone number or email address to send you the special offers and other information we think you’ll like the most.

We will not send you excessive amounts of marketing and every marketing message we send includes an easy way for you to opt out.

If you opt out of direct marketing

You can opt out of receiving direct marketing at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions in any of our marketing messages, changing your marketing preferences on the Wi-Fi app Account Settings page or by contacting our guest relations team.

When we carry out profiling

We use customer profiles to keep track of our customer interactions and learn more about their likes and dislikes. This helps us target our advertising and marketing and improve our products, brands and services.

The personal data we use in our profiles includes:

  • Demographic information, such as your age, gender, address and postcode
  • Purchase information, such as what you bought, how you paid and whether or not you took advantage of a discount
  • Your likes and dislikes, such as what you drink, what you eat, whether or not you take advantage of special offers and whether or not you like what we post on our websites and our social media pages
  • Information about family events and special occasions, such as the dates of birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries
  • Information about your visits to our pubs, restaurants, hotels and websites, such as which ones you visit, when, how often and how long you stay for
  • Information about your use of our services and whether or not you participate in our promotions, such as our Wi-Fi service, email clubs, loyalty schemes and any competitions you enter
  • Information about how you respond to our marketing and advertising campaigns, such as whether or not you read our marketing messages, see our adverts on social media or take up any of our special offers

If we get our profiling right, you will enjoy our products, services and brands more and more as we make improvements to them based on what we learn about you. And if you have signed up to receive direct marketing, you will get the special offers that we think will most appeal to you.

If you don’t want us to use your personal data for these purposes, tell us and we won’t.

When you use our gift cards or participate in our loyalty schemes

When you buy a gift card, we will use the information your provide to personalise, activate and send the gift card to you or the person you bought it for.

If you join one of our loyalty schemes, we will use the information you provide to enrol you and to provide confirmation of this and other necessary information about your membership.

When you redeem your gift card and whenever you present your loyalty scheme membership number during payment, we will use information about your visit, purchases and use of our services to update your gift card balance, credit your account with any loyalty points you have earned and update your profile.

When you enter any of our competitions

Please read the competition’s privacy notice before you submit your entry.

When you play pub poker in our pubs

Please read the game organiser's privacy notice before you participate.

When you submit queries, compliments or complaints

We will use the information you provide to deal with your enquiry and keep you informed about its progress. If you compliment a person or a team for their service, we will pass your compliment on to them and their manager, so that their achievement can be recognised.

Most complaints can't be resolved without discussing the matter with other people, so we may need to share information about your complaint with: the team at the pub you visited, or their area or regional manager; the management team of a contractor we have engaged; or other types of third party organisation. We will only share information with others when it's necessary to do so in order to investigate and resolve your complaint.

When you participate in guest surveys

Please read the survey's privacy notice before you participate.

When we record promotional photos, video or audio

We display signage at our venues to notify visitors whenever these activities are taking place. If you don’t want to involved, please let a member of staff know on your arrival so that they can ensure your wishes are respected.

When we record CCTV images or emergency audio

We use CCTV and emergency audio recording technology to help keep our guests and staff safe and to help us investigate any potentially criminal or unsafe incidents which occur. Please refer to the signage on arrival at any of our venues to find out what else these recordings could be used for.

If we need to carry out an investigation, we will review these recordings to determine if they contain relevant information. If this is the case, the recording may be shared with members of our management team, our own or third party insurers, suppliers, contractors, licensing authorities or the police. Recordings may also be used in any insurance claim or other type of legal claim or proceeding that follows.

When we record telephone calls to our offices

We record some of the telephone calls we receive, including all of the calls to our Guest Relations team. If we intend to record your call, a recorded message will be played to inform you of this before recording commences. Your options for avoiding the call being recorded will also be explained.

We use suitable recordings anonymously, to train call handlers. We may review a recording if you or we are disputing a matter that the recording deals with.

When an accident occurs

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident on our premises, we will use the information you or others present at the time provide to record the incident in an accident book. We may also use this information to conduct an investigation and to make or defend an insurance or other type of legal claim.

When we impose a ban on visiting our venues

If you are banned from any of our venues, we will use your name, photos and recordings of you and any other personal information that we need to identify you and which we can obtain and use lawfully to enable our staff to record and enforce the ban.

If you are banned from a pub that is a member of a Pubwatch, they may share and receive information about you from other members of the Pubwatch.

General information about Pubwatch schemes can be found on the national Pubwatch website. You can find out more about a local Pubwatch scheme by asking a member of our staff at a participating venue, or visiting the relevant local Pubwatch scheme website. Pubwatches are data controllers for the personal information they collect and share.

When we ask for other people’s personal data

If you need to provide us with information about other people, please ask them to read this notice before you do so.

Changes to this privacy notice

This notice is effective from 6th July 2020. You can see the previous version of this privacy notice here. You can check if the privacy policy has changed by revisiting this webpage at any time. If we make any significant changes to this policy, if we have your email address, we will email you to let you know.

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