Oysters - September 2019

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The taste of an individual oyster very much reflects the environment in which it is grown – from open sea sites and bays to sea lochs with lower salt levels.

Loch Fyne Oysters Ltd. have been growing and selling oysters for 40 years. Located near Inveraray in Argyll, Scotland, they are the only oyster farmers in the UK to have their own hatchery and nursery, where they nurture and grow both the familiar pacific rock oysters (Crassostrea Gigas) and the sought after native “flat” oysters (Ostrea Edulis).

Oysters on ice

In August 2019, Loch Fyne oysters were awarded 3 stars in the Great Taste Awards scheme organised by the Guild of Fine Food. Cameron Brown, Managing Director of Loch Fyne Oysters Ltd. commented on this recognition: “The 3 stars award is the highest Great Taste rating awarded, and we are delighted to have achieved this for our oysters. Great Taste judges covered over 12,500 food products this year and only 2% of these achieved the top 3 stars accreditation. This is a tremendous result for us, and it is down to the dedication and experience of our oyster team at Loch Fyne where our oysters are grown.”

After 2-3 years of care and attention on the loch’s shores, Loch Fyne’s oysters reach marketable size. Once harvested, every oyster is transferred to the depuration facility at Cairndow. Here, each oyster is size graded and purified in filtered natural seawater. When ready, they are hand selected and checked for quality, before being packed and despatched live to Loch Fyne Restaurants and to customers around the world.

Next time you visit us, why not purchase some exquisite oysters from any Loch Fyne Restaurant & Bar’s fishmonger?

Oysters being prepared

Here are some tips on how to prepare and eat oysters

Step 1
Rinse the oysters with drinking water prior to opening.

Step 2
Hold the oyster cupped side down on an oyster holder (or firm surface).

Step 3
Insert the tip of an oyster knife (or short blunt strong bladed knife) at the hinge of the shell at a 45° angle. Press hard and twist the knife until the tip has entered the shell.

Step 4
Once the knife blade is inside the shell, make a sweeping cut under the top lid to loosen the oyster and remove the top shell.

Step 5
Gently run the knife under the flesh to loosen the oyster meat from the bottom of the shell. Once open, eat the oysters within 20 minutes.

Step 6
Eat “au naturel” or add lemon juice, vinegar seasoning or Tabasco sauce. Chew two/three times before swallowing.