Loch Fyne was brought to life by two oyster enthusiasts, Johnny and Andy, who started selling their oysters from a small shack on the west coast of Scotland.

Our restaurants provide fresh, sustainably sourced seafood dishes; much of which is delivered fresh from the loch itself.


Our History

Respect for our produce, landscape and the environment has been the founding philosophy of Loch Fyne, ever since our founders Johnny Noble and Andy Lane picked their first oysters from its shores back in the 1970s.

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Our Philosophy

At Loch Fyne Restaurants we work hard to make sure that every oyster harvested, every salmon we prepare and every fish that leaves our shops and kitchens is cultivated, farmed or fished in accordance with our strict environmental and quality guidelines.

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Our Sustainability

Sustainability seeks to provide the best of all possible worlds for people and the environment both now and into the indefinite future. It impacts on every level; from the local neighbourhood to the entire planet.

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