donald russell

Get to know Donald Russell, Scotland’s Finest Butcher!


Based in the heart of Scottish beef country, in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Donald Russell have been hand cutting premium steaks and roasts for over 40 years. For more than 30 of those years, they have supplied Her Majesty the Queen and Her royal households with their award-winning meat and poultry. Masters of their craft, they take pride in keeping the artisan skills of traditional butchery alive.

Here at Loch Fyne, not only do we take the quality of the fish we serve seriously; we take just as much care in the meat we serve too. We are proud to supply our guests with the upmost quality meat that Donald Russell offers in each and every product they produce; from our much loved Chargrilled Beef Burger, to our succulent Steaks

Donald Russell don’t take just any beef. They search far and wide for the very best available in Britain at any given time, selecting only the finest examples. It must be slow grown and naturally reared, having grazed exclusively on lush green grass, with some hay and silage in the cold winter months. Every single carcass is inspected at the door to their butchery; if it doesn’t meet their stringent standards, it gets turned away there.

Once the beef has been judged to be of the highest quality, it is slowly, patiently matured. Traditional ageing increases tenderness and allows the beef to develop a fantastically rich, deep flavour. Donald Russell mature their beef for longer than standard – up to 35 days, depending on the cut.

Once their butchers judge each piece to be at its absolute optimum, they cut it the traditional way – by hand. This is more expensive than the more usual machine cutting, but only the skilled touch of a highly trained butcher can get the very best from each individual cut of meat. Something as simple as cutting across the grain of the meat, rather than along it, can make the difference between tender and chewy.

Donald Russell’s simple philosophy of taking the best, grass-fed British beef, maturing it until delicious, and hand cutting it to perfection, means that the steak or burger on your plate is truly the best it can be.


A great burger should showcase great beef. Donald Russell take the best there is – grass-fed, fully matured and always British - and grind it in their Aberdeenshire butchery. They add a little onion and seasoning and carefully shape it into these properly beefy burgers, with maximum juiciness and flavour.

Ribeye Steak

This is a serious carnivore’s steak. Cut from the fore rib – the same place as the famous Rib Roast – it’s matured for 35 long days to bring out an outstanding depth of flavour. It’s got fantastic marbling and an ‘eye’ of tasty fat, which renders down during searing and resting for a really rich taste and mouth-watering juiciness.

Sirloin Steak

An extremely popular cut. The sirloin lies between the fore rib and the rump, meaning it has plenty of the rich flavour associated with both of those. But because it’s a less used muscle (it also lies beside the tender fillet), it has a natural tenderness of its own, which makes for a beautiful eat.

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Disclaimer All images featured on this page are courtesy of Donald Russell and not actual images of the meals served in Loch Fyne restaurants.