7 November 2019 - 1:25pm
Seatrout with Curried Mussels & Samphire Sauce  – Serves 10

Seatrout with Curried Mussels & Samphire Sauce

Serves 10

Your will need per portion:
Fillet of Sea Trout 1
Mussels 100g
Samphire 30g
Coriander 1g
Curried Cream Sauce 60ml
Your will need for the Curried Cream Sauce (10 Portions):
White Cooking Wine 10ml
Butter (Unsalted) 20g
Shallots (long) 100g
Whole Black Pepper 1g
Double Cream 500ml
Turmeric 7g
Curry Powder 5g
Red Apples 10
Coriander 5g

Cooking Method - Curried Cream Sauce:

Begin with grating the red apples and put them to one side for later.

Dice the shallots then put them in a pan with half the butter (10g), black peppercorns, turmeric and curry powder and cook out for three minutes.

Slowly add in the white wine and mix gently, cook for one minute.

Pour in the double cream and bring to a simmer then pass sauce through strainer.

Add back to the heat and add in grated apples, stir and simmer for one minute.

Take off the heat and whisk in rest of the butter and finish with half the coriander chopped.

Cooking Method:

Pan fry the sea trout skin side down first to get a nice crispy skin.

Place mussels in hot dry pan and cook until start to open then add in samphire and sauce.

When mussels are open and sauce hot take off heat, pour into a serving bowl.

To Serve:

Present with the serving bowl and put the trout on-top skin side up and finish with remaining chopped coriander.