Pan-Fried Scallops with Chickpea and 'Nduja Stew

24 October 2019 - 2:59pm
Pan-Fried Scallops with Chickpea and 'Nduja Stew – Serves 2

Serves 6

You will need:
For Scallops (one portion):
Scallops 90g
Micro basil 3g (or picked small basil leaves)
Stew 100g

For the Stew (six portions):
Pomace oil 100ml
'Nduja 80g
Streaky bacon 60g
Shallots Long 250g
Smoked paprika 5g
Tinned chopped tomatoes 400g
Thyme 10g
Garlic peeled 20g
Red peppers 150g
Green Chillies 15g
Saffron strands 0.5g
Maldon smoked sea salt 2g
White wine 150g
Castor sugar 5g
Fresh Tomato 400g
Tomato paste 15g
Fish stock 200ml ( you can use fresh or a stock cube)
Chickpeas (tinned) 240g drained
Butter unsalted 25g
Basil 15g

Cooking method

The Scallops:

Remove muscle membrane from the side of the scallop, if the coral has a nice orange colour then retain it on the scallop, if not remove.

When required get a pan nice and hot, oil and season the scallops, place scallops in hot pan and cook a couple of minutes each side until you have a nice golden brown colour on the outside.

The Stew:

Thinly slice the shallots, garlic and chillies.

Cut the red pepper into 1cm dice.

Blend fresh tomatoes and finely slice bacon. Finely chop Thyme and roughly chop basil.

Heat a large pan, add oil, shallot, garlic, pepper, bacon and thyme, sweat for five minutes without colour.

Next add in tomato paste and paprika and cook for two more minutes, keep it moving with a wooden spoon and don’t let it catch the bottom of your pan.

Next add in blended fresh tomato, tinned chopped tomato, chilli, white wine, saffron, fish stock, sugar and chickpeas. Bring up to a simmer then cook on a low heat for 35 minutes.

Add in the Nduja and cook for two more minutes, then remove from heat mix in butter until melted and incorporated into the sauce add smoked sea salt then finish with chopped basil.

This stew could also be used as a main course with a nice white fish such as Cod, Pollack or Monkfish.

Place 100g of your stew in a bowl, place 90g of scallops on top and garnish with either micro basil or small basil leaves.