Haddock Fishcakes with Mustard Creamed Leeks

24 October 2019 - 3:24pm
Haddock Fishcakes with Mustard Creamed Leeks – Serves 2

Serves 9

You will need:
For the fishcakes:
Smoked haddock 500g
Shallots long fine dice 75g
Half lemon
Fresh dill 10g
Fresh flat parsley 10g
Gherkins 50g
Capers 35g
Mash potato (dry) 500g
Salt 1g
For the breadcrumb coating:
Panko breadcrumbs 300g
Plain flour 300g
Eggs whisk 300g

For the mustard leeks:
Leeks 900g
Double cream 225g
Wholegrain mustard 21g
Salt 1g

Cooking method:

Poach haddock in water until cooked, remove from water set aside and cool.

When making mash potatoes drain well off, dry out in the pan and do not add any butter or milk.

Chop dill, parsley, capers and gherkins. Zest and juice lemons, combine all the ingredients and mix well.

Roll into 40g balls.

Dip each ball into flour, then egg then panko to coat, place on tray and refrigerate until needed.

Trim and finely slice white of leek, blanch for two minutes in boiling water, drain and remove excess water.

Bring cream to boil add in leeks, mustard and salt.

To Serve
For one portion:
3 Haddock Fishcakes (approx 120g)
Mustard Creamed leeks 100g
Lemon infused rapeseed oil 10ml
Pea shoots 1g

Place 100g of cream leeks in centre of the plate, deep fry fishcakes until golden and crisp on out side and hot in middle.
Place fishcakes on leeks, drizzle lemon oil around and finish with peashoots.