King Prawn Linguine

30 March 2020 - 1:35am

King Prawn Linguine

Serves 2

You will need:

Raw Peeled King Prawn 200g
Fennel 60g
Cherry Tomatoes 100g
Fish Soup 120ml
Tomato and Basil Sauce 140g
Roasted Chilli Oil 10g
Samphire 80g
Fresh Herbs Flat Parsley – finely chopped 8g
Rapeseed Oil (Lemon Infused if available) - 20ml
Olive Pomace Oil 40ml
Linguini egg 150g

Serve with:

Pea Shoots 4g

Prep & Cooking method:

Peel king prawns if needed

Slice prawns in half through the centre

Rough chop garlic cloves and fennel and place them aside

Slice cherry tomatoes in half

Finely chop samphire, parsley and place them aside together.

Start cooking the pasta in salted boiling water

Add olive oil and pan fry garlic and fennel on high heat

Add chilli oil and prawns whilst continuing to heat

Add fish soup and tomato sauce

When the pasta is ready add to the pan along with the cherry tomatoes, linguini egg, samphire, parsley and any seasoning you wish.

Serve up with pea shoots as garnish