Pan-Fried Chilli Prawns

30 March 2020 - 3:10am

Pan-Fried Chilli Prawns

Serves 2

You will need:

Raw Peeled King Prawn 150g
Black Pepper 1g
Salt 1g
Garlic cloves 10g
Red Chillies 10g
Lemon 1
Olive Oil 75ml
Fresh Herbs Flat Parsley 4g
Flour 100g
Paprika 10g
Fresh Herbs Chervil 2g

Prep & Cooking Method:

Peel the king prawns if you need to

Start by preparing paprika powder by mixing the flour and paprika and any seasoning

Coat the prawns in the paprika flour ensuring you pat off any excess

Finely slice the chilli & garlic cloves – place these in a bowl for later

Cut lemon into 6 wedges

Chop parsley, pick chervil

Heat the oil on high and fry the prawns on one side for 30 seconds, turn and fry for 20 seconds

Check if you’d like to add anymore seasoning now

Add the garlic & chilli bowl to the pan

Lightly squeeze some lemon juice into pan and drop the wedges in too

Cook until lemon is caramelised – approximately 20 seconds

Remove from heat and add the chopped parsley