Respect for our produce, landscape and the environment has been the founding philosophy of Loch Fyne, ever since local landowner Johnny Noble and Andy Lane picked their first oysters from its shores back in the 1970s.

Our founder, Johnny Noble (the flamboyant laird of Ardkinglas House) and marine biologist Andy Lane, set up their first oyster farm on the shores of the loch in 1978, selling fish and shellfish from a roadside stall to pay the bills on the Ardkinglas estate. The business quickly built a reputation for the quality and flavour of its seafood and was soon followed by a smokehouse and an oyster bar on the shore of the Loch. As the reputation of this exceptional produce grew, so did the number of sites.



We now have 37 Loch Fyne Restaurants up and down the country, providing fresh, sustainably sourced, flavoursome food; much of it still delivered fresh from the loch itself, from the same farms that Johnny and Andy first started.

Our restaurants are open daily, many serving breakfast and great value set menus – while all serve our extensive a la carte menu accompanied by a comprehensive wine list, carefully created by our wine experts.

We pride ourselves on a warm welcome and friendly service, whether you are here to enjoy a quick snack, lunch with friends or a seafood feast for that special occasion.

What sets us apart is our attention to detail and focus on quality. In all we do, from building a new restaurant to choosing our people and preparing our food, we are passionate about doing everything to the best standard possible.

As a result we have some amazing buildings – striking architecture that cleverly combines jaw-dropping good looks with a warm and inviting ambience. We have fantastic people – knowledgeable, personal and professional. And we have fabulous food – carefully sourced, freshly cooked and here to be enjoyed!



"Nach Urramach an Cuan (How worthy of honour is the sea)"

This Gaelic saying encapsulates our philosophy – enterprise with respect for animals, people and ecology.

We are passionate about our business and passionate about delivering quality and flavour. No-one works harder than we do to make sure that every oyster we harvest, every salmon we prepare and every fish that leaves our shops and kitchens is cultivated, farmed or fished in accordance with our strict environmental and quality guidelines.

We take advice from respected marine bodies regarding the fish and seafood we serve. Where species are not plentiful we will find alternatives.

There is a huge amount of information available today on fish stocks and over-fishing and Loch Fyne Restaurants and its suppliers work with environmental bodies such as the Marine Conservation Society to keep abreast of the latest data and act accordingly.

We never have and never will serve fish from endangered stocks – all the seafood used in the restaurants is derived from a sustainable resource, either wild or farmed responsibly. In fact, through our partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, we were the first restaurant group to remove species such as swordfish from the menus due to their 'at risk' status.

Sometimes wild fish are not available and we need to look for farmed alternatives. Salmon are a good example as wild salmon stocks are now so low that commercial fishing cannot be justified.

We strongly believe that farming is an option when done correctly. Sustainable methods, high standards of welfare and low intensity all produce farmed salmon of excellent quality. For us, working with companies that employ these high-benchmark farming methods is not a luxury but a necessity.



"Sustainability seeks to provide the best of all possible worlds for people and the environment both now and into the indefinite future. Sustainability impacts on every level, from the local neighbourhood to the entire planet"

At Loch Fyne Restaurants we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of environmental initiatives.

We see our role as not only delivering seafood of impeccable quality but also honouring and preserving the environment from which this resource has arrived.

To inform our seafood sourcing and ensure we have the latest advice, we regularly refer to resources from leading marine and environmental bodies, such as the Marine Conservation Society.

We work hard to remain true to our roots.

Our oysters, mussels and langoustines continue to come fresh from Loch Fyne where our sister company, Loch Fyne Oysters, is actively committed to supporting and protecting the loch, its ecology and coastal communities.

There is much better information available today on fish stocks and over-fishing and we are able to keep abreast of the latest data and act accordingly.

We will not serve fish from endangered stocks and we ensure that the products used in the restaurants derive from a sustainable resource, either wild or farmed responsibly.

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